Spring has Sprung, well no, not really

On Tuesday, New York City basked in temperatures of 28 deg C.  After Tom had left, I discovered that he’d turned on the aircon in the spare room.  I sighed, turned it off, and in a fit of feeling sorry for myself decided to clean out my closet (walk-in wardrobe).  I thought to myself that I should be listening to Eminem, but resisted the urge and listened to some jazz instead.  I emptied all my clothes onto the bed, tried some on, put some aside for the Goodwill store, cleaned the closet, sewed a button on, made loops to hang up a skirt (why do they sell skirts without loops to hang them up?) and then hung up all the rest of the clothes.  I still felt sorry for myself – we’d had a lovely few days with Tom and George – and now I was really hot too.  The temperature inside the bedroom with the window open was 28 deg C.

I closed the window and turned the aircon on.  I decided that spring had sprung and started to think of summer.  When Tom and I had been in T J Maxx, we looked at ice lolly moulds and I had suggested we buy some for the summer.  Tom didn’t think it was a good idea – apparently Dad thinks there’s already too much stuff in this apartment.  It didn’t stop me thinking about ice lollies though, and I remembered the lollies that Gran and Nana used to make for us.  Gran had proper moulds with real wooden sticks and made fruit juice lollies.  They tasted wonderful after a hard day playing.  Nana on the other hand made fruit-flavoured milk lollies in her ice cube tray and used sticks made of compressed paper.  They tasted equally wonderful after a hard day at the Castle or in the Museum of Childhood.  (And she also had a red plastic strawberry with strawberry juice in it – just like the lemons you can still get, but that strawberry was great, and very useful for making her lollies.)  And I thought to myself that it doesn’t really matter whether there’s too much stuff or not in this apartment, I could make lollies in the ice cube tray.  So there’s no recipe today, just that encouraging thought.  The lollies will be small and will hopefully be finished before they melt down my arm, and I will sit and think and cool myself down after a hard day playing in New York City.

Oh and it’s back to 9 deg C today.

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung, well no, not really

  1. I love the The Museum of Childhood! Alexander and I went there when we were in Edinburgh in February. Was too cold for an ice lolly though!

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