Baking from Necessity

Today’s recipe is one which came from a summer school Nico did at Rainbow Montessori, and I believe it was Miss Debbie who made it with him.  I still have the original piece of paper cut and stuck in my recipe book with its picture of a hot oven.  I am very fond of this cake, as were you, so much so that whenever I bought bananas, you would ignore them knowing that I would cave and make the cake.  I hate throwing food away!  Really, guys, it would have been easier just to ask me to make Banana Bread!  

There are a couple of comments on the recipe – you can add a handful of sultanas to the mix (which I didn’t do because Nico didn’t like cooked fruit …. apart from bananas, of course).  The original recipe says plain yoghurt.  I have always used Greek yoghurt since that was what was in the house – I have no idea whether this makes a difference to the taste.  Make sure that the bananas are really ripe – the skins should be quite black – and mash them properly before adding.  Make sure that it’s baking powder and not baking soda – there is a difference.

Otherwise, this freezes well.  Wrap it in foil and put in a tin and it’ll keep for three days.  It’s rather lovely with Nutella spread on it. but be careful because this isn’t a very dry cake and can tear when you do this – I know, practice made perfect for me!

Banana Bread – Ingredients

  • 226 g / 8 oz whole wheat flour, sifted (won’t all go through the sieve because of the flakes of wheat, but do your best.  This should be sifted with the salt and baking powder)
  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
  • 1 tspn salt
  • 1 1/2 tspns baking powder
  • 4 tbspns plain yoghurt
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 226 g / 8 oz brown sugar (this is particularly good if you use dark brown sugar)
  • 113 g / 4 oz soft butter


Cream the butter and sugar together thoroughly.  If you’re using dark brown sugar, make sure that all the lumps have gone and are creamed in.  Slowly add the egg with a spoonful (not a precise measure!) of the flour mix.  Add the bananas and mix slowly.  Add another spoonful of the flour mixture and mix.  Add half of the yoghurt.  Mix.  Add half the remaining flour mixture and mix.  Add remainder of the yoghurt.  Mix.  Add remainder of flour mixture.  Mix.  If you are adding sultanas, add a handful now.

Put into a buttered loaf tin, and bake at 180 C / 150 F / Gas mark 4 for one hour.


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