Ponderings of a Sick Person

It’s another glorious day in NYC but I’m not feeling very well (slightly raised temperature and jippy tummy, since you asked) so I haven’t been outside.  I did go to the gym because I felt fine then.  Whilst working out, I asked Tomas if he thought that I’d be able to do cross-country skiing – Dad and I had thought of this because the motion so closely resembles the cross trainer.  Tomas can see no reason why I am not fit enough to do it, and I certainly have the range of motion, so I googled and found that it is one of the recommended types of exercise for people with hip replacements.  The others are swimming and cycling – both low impact, of course.  So in the midst of summer, I have been thinking forward to winter and our trip to Lake Louise, and with a jolt my mind bounced onwards and I realise that I need to either finish the jumper I am knitting (but I don’t really like the pattern now), or pull it back and knit another pdq.  I will doubtless go with the latter option.

I have been reading the news and see that there is widespread rain again in the UK and even flooding – good grief!  Has summer only lasted two weeks?  (Lucky England though who will retain the Ashes because bad weather stopped play).  So if I were in London what would I be cooking to cheer us up?  When I have an upset tummy, my favourite food is poached eggs on wholemeal toast.  I find eggs very comforting and poached are definitely my favourites.  I cook them in a way that won’t be found in a cookery book, but of course I like the result which is why I do it.  Firstly I make sure that the eggs are at room temperature.  Then I fill a small omelette pan with water, add a pinch of salt, put on the heat and bring to the boil.  When the water is boiling, I add the eggs, bring the water back to the boil and then turn off the heat.  I then put the toast in the toaster and when the toast is ready, I remove the eggs with a slotted spoon, drain on kitchen paper and put on the toast (which I’ve already put on a plate).  Forget all this stuff about adding vinegar, rolling boil, perfect shape, this method gives me eggs that are just the way I want to eat them.   Grind some pepper on top and eat.

What about the rest of you though?  If I were at home and you didn’t have jippy tummies, what would you be eating?  I think I’d be inclined to pretend that the weather is being summery and have what Nico always called a Pick ‘n’ Mix meal, a sort of meze but not limited to one cuisine.  I’m working on the theory that there will be the usual selection of goodies in the fridge, so I’d put out hummus, olives, cheeses, salamis and bread.  I would make tzatziki and I think that I would also make tirosalata, something I used to make occasionally but haven’t for a while.  We first ate this in Angistri at Andreas’ restaurant, and Andreas told me how to make it.  Basically blend together Greek yoghurt and feta to taste.  Start off with half as much feta as yoghurt and add more as desired.  Blend to the consistency you like best, lumpy or smooth.  Season with salt and pepper and add half a teaspoon of paprika.  We would need a green salad too.  Add all the family round the table and I think we would have the perfect meal, even if the weather outside was less than perfect.


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