Summer Dreaming

I am still here.  I lost my motivation for blogging during the summer.  My typing wasn’t helped by having my left arm in plaster, but much travelling on my part, plus visitors for a few weeks, meant that life was pretty exciting and to be honest I didn’t think about my blog.  When eventually I did, it was the eternal ‘good grief, it’s been ages, how will I start again?’ but now George has just texted me to say that I need to start again and I need pictures.  So here I go.

Since I wrote my last blog, I have

IMG_0002been to Fitou where Daisy was delighted to find that her favourite dessert of chocolat moelleux was still on the menu at Le Moulin de Fitou.  She was less happy when she returned a couple of weeks later and they’d taken it off the menu…..

IMG_0048drunk wine with Tom at the Fête de Fitou

IMG_0076eaten breakfast with Tom at Lagrasse, a mediaeval town about 40 mins drive from Fitou while Daisy developed chicken pox

IMG_0142cooked roast pork loin with roast vegetables in Fitou for Dad, Suzy, Andrew, Nico, Lucy, Tom and Daisy

IMG_1215paddled with George in the Atlantic at Coney Island

IMG_1260eaten Haitian food with Dad, John, Jackie and Edie at Tap Tap in South Beach, Miami

IMG_1276bought cheese at the greatest cheese shop I have found so far in the USA – Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia

IMG_1324been treated to afternoon tea by Daisy at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, while Dad and I renewed our US visas and she was visiting her sister (apologies for the photo, Daisy – it’s the only one I took)

IMG_0178treated Auntie Aileen to her first ever burger at the coffee shop at the Bannockburn Visitors’ Centre – this was the aptly named Bruce Burger

DSCN4559eaten Hula Pie with Katie, Carole and Richard at Duke’s Canoe Shop in Kaua’i, Hawaii

IMG_1393and watched someone searching through the recycling for drinks cans and plastic bottles to get the deposit money back in the torrential rain last night in New York City.

So there’s no recipe today, but plenty of photos that show you what I’ve been doing!


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